I have an 8 a.m. call time today but here I am, two hours earlier than the said call time.

I am proud of myself, hah!

But I don’t think if this is somekindofan O.A. punctuality.

Tinext niya ako kanina, pupunta raw sila sa celebration ng mooncake festival (yes, she’s Chinese). She asked me to wish her luck, eh lagi naman siyang swerte ron. Last year din kasi, nanalo siya. Sabi ko tuloy sa kanya, meaning, parang mag iisang taon na tayo?!?!?!

Ang bilis ng panahon. Hindi kasi kami nagbibilang, wala rin kaming monthsaries and ergo, hindi namin alam kailan magse-celebrate ng anniversary. But it doesn’t matter. Everday can be our anniversary. :)

When I’m about to wear shorts outside the house, I can’t stop thinking that people will stare and think of things like, She should’ve dressed better! She should wear pants instead, that’s why girls get mocked or given lustful stares and they will blame the guys. But thinking of it more makes me remember that, we all have our own choices whether you are a man or a woman. And what you are wearing cannot be the reason why you will lead to an unfortunate fate down the streets. Like boys can wear sandos and shorts but girls cannot use that kind of combo unless it’s summer or they are spending the time in beach. And people would then assume that a girl who wears clothes with less fabric is a party-goer or someone who wants to hook-up and get laid.

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Shoes bought from yesterday’s short date. Will wear this for later’s date. :)

Someone’s asking for a date. Tatanggi pa ba ako? Haha!

Sabi ko na, eh! Haha!

Para Kay B shirt

Movie, anyone?

Tongue-in-err naman, eh! Ayaw tumigil ng ulan maski minuto lang. Shit.

So work’s suspended today and I don’t know if I should be happy. It was due to the typhoon. I don’t want to hear disaster stories again. I want to hear rehabilitation-and-people-getting-back-on-their-feet-again stories. It will be better then.

And because it was on sale…

I wonder if I found another place to be in, would they regret it? Or they would find it very well because they can find someone better?

Sana hindi lang hanggang cheerdance ang hashtag equality, hashtag pantay-pantay. Sana, sa araw-araw din nating pamumuhay. Hindi lang dahil may gumawa ng ganoong theme sa tv, nakita, napanood, narinig, hindi lang hanggang post sa social media. Let’s put the hashtags into actions. Sana, hindi yung pagtapos ng mga nakita at sinulat natin, one day, makakita tayo ng “mali raw at hindi angkop”, tapos na ang hashtag equality at hashtag pantay-pantay.

polaris-kirsten | tumblr (upon seeing all those hashtags and posts about the UAAPCDC2014)

I went to their house earlier, after work (yes, I had a duty today. It’s a Saturday and I documented people planting trees. Let’s save the environment!). It was actually a surprise and I brought her apples (I ate one of them). She cooked french fries for the both of us, we played sungka or bantumi (in Nokia 3310, I guess that’s what’s it called). I lost twice, boo! She’s good at that. And, we took a selfie.

The moments with you,
Are times that I knew,
I exist.